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Utensell is a new cutting edge company that provides two solutions for two different types of customers



Brand Awareness is the measure of how memorable and recognizable a brand is to its target audience.


Free, sealed disposable cutlery for any business or organization that would normally use this product.




Utensell is a company born to succeed by fulfilling a dual mission. We offer two services that would add value to our customers businesses. We do this by giving a product  for free to restaurants that would otherwise pay for it. We then offer other businesses a way to raise their brand recognition by making consumers aware of  their product or service. This is done through a unique way of advertising.

We wanted to allow our advertising clients to cut through a lot of the noise and get back to basics. There are dwindling opportunities for brands to physically get their message into the hands and in front of the eyes of consumers. This is a way to do it that solves two problems with one solution. A solution that adds value to all of the participants who participate.



We at Utensell understand that the best way to grow your business is by expanding your customer base. So anyone who wants to grow has to decide the best and most cost effective way to reach prospective customers through advertising. Some might tell you that digital, newspaper, or even television is where its at.

The truth is, for most companys some combination of some or all those mediums is what works for them. Utensell also understands that the most important part of advertising is to actually get prospective customers to view your ad or coupon. The all important eyes!

By advertising with Utensell we make it possible that those all important eyes always see your ads. By advertising on our disposable cutlery packages, those eyes always see your ad because they simply have too. Prospective customers simply need the cutlery and cant help but to see your ad before using it. It's that simple. So if your interested and would like to discuss advertising, please contact us and a representative will be more than happy to help you.


advertising service



Utensell provides disposable cutlery to businesses for FREE of charge. No fees, no contracts. We provide as many units as needed, when you need them. You decide on the quantity and the day of delivery. We handle the rest! Whats the catch? There is no catch. We are able to provide our cutlery free of charge through sponsorships in the form of non-obtrusive advertisements placed on the packaging. Don't worry. You will never receive advertisements of anyone competing in the same category as your business. You are also allowed to tailor the list of of would be advertisement categories that you receive.


By signing up for our service you can receive the same high quality cutlery you have now, only FREE! So what ever $$$ that are currently budgeted for disposable cutlery, now goes straight to the bottom line. Remember, we can provide any configuration, color, or style. The most important thing is that it is provided at no cost to you. Absolutely FREE ! So contact us today and start saving money ASAP!


free disposable cutlery


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